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Forms of EPF, Sri Lanka
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EPF Forms for Sri Lankan Companies
Fund Management, EPF Department, Central Bank of Sri Lanka
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Note: A, B, H and K forms are only for reference. Please obtain the original forms from nearest District Labour offices for registration/apply refund claim.


Forms for Employers


Starting a Firm - Form D


Contributing to EPF - Form C


Penalties and Offences - Form P

Increasing Contribution Rates - Form O

Claiming Refund over Overpayments - Form Q

Resignation of Employees - Form E Form F

    Re-registration of Members - Form RR-6  
    Correction of the Member Name Differences - Form RR-2  

Forms for Members

    Registration of Members (Online Account) - Registration Form (New)  
    Request for Change Account Details (Online Account) - Account Details Change Request Form (New)  

Registration of Members - Form A Form B Form H 


Nominating Beneficiaries - Form H


Re-nominating Beneficiaries -  Form J

Cancelling Beneficiaries - Form I

Leaving Employment - Form E Form F

Joining Another Firm - Form A Form H

Amalgamating Previous Accounts - Form G

Another Provident Fund to be added to the EPF - Form N

Housing Loan Guarantee - Housing Loan Guarantee Form

Withdrawing Funds - Form K Form B (B card)

Re-registration of Members - Form RR1


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