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Message from the Superintendent    

The Employees' Provident Fund is the Largest Retirement Benefit scheme in Sri Lanka that offers a joint action plan by the employer and the employee to save for the future retirement life of the employees in the Corporate and Mercantile Sector. I like to take this opportunity to appreciate the effort done by the staff of Labor Dept. as the administrator and the Central Bank as the Custodian of the Fund to operate the EPF efficiently by introducing new systems.


With the aim of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the Employees' Provident Fund several re-engineering projects are being implemented. In order to increase public awareness the Labor Dept. and the Central Bank have jointly compiled information that will be useful for the employers and members. I hope the access to information through the new EPF website will be a fulfillment of a long felt need of both employers and employees. This will facilitate the members to obtain all necessary forms for EPF purposes without visiting EPF offices. The EPF also hopes to provide many more services for members and employers, through the website in the future.

I believe that the information published in the website will be useful to all EPF's stakeholders to carry out their functionalities more conveniently. I wish the new website to be a great success.

Mr.Nihal Rodrigo
Employees' Provident Fund



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