Amalgamation is essentially done when a member has multiple accounts under different employers or multiple accounts under the same employer. All the accounts under your name can be amalgamated into a single account and the balance can be aggregated.

Amalgamation procedure

  • The G form issued by the labour department should be used.
  • The dully filled G form and B card should be submitted to the Labour Commissioner’s Office or the Labour Office
  • These should be forwarded through the current employer
  • When 2 or more membership numbers exist a separate G form should be used for every 2 accounts
  • After receipt of the G form the Labour Commissioner, deputy labour commissioner or an authorized officer will certify the documents and will forward it to the Central Bank
  • After the documents have been forwarded to the EPF Dept. of the Central Bank, the accounts will be amalgamated
Note :
The accounts will be amalgamated if,
  • The member names are matched
  • The member account numbers are verified
  • All other information are in order

Instances where member accounts will not be amalgamated

  • When there is zero balance against the new account
  • When benefits have been paid for one or more accounts
  • If housing loans have been obtained for previous numbers
  • If any amendment process is still ongoing
  • Mismatch in names and account numbers
  • Mismatch between the transfer certificate and the information at the Central Bank

Complications after amalgamation

  • Once an account is amalgamated, contributions should not be made to the previous accounts
  • When re-joining the same firm over and over again after amalgamation of accounts, a new number should be issued

Correcting discrepancies of member names

  • Any mismatch in names should be properly authenticated informed by obtaining letters of conformation of names from all the previous employers and the current employer
  • If a previous employer is currently not functioning, all the information regarding names and account numbers should be certified by the Grama Sevake GS and the District Secretary. A letter of confirmation from the Labour Department is also needed to prove that the employer is currently inactive
  • For changes due to marriage, change of name in the birth certificate, the copies of birth and marriage certificates and relevant legal documents certified by the employer should be sent. In the event of the previous employer no longer being active, a letter from the GS of your area, conforming your name, certified by the District Secretary and confirmed by the Deputy Labour Commissioner / Labour Officer, should be sent. Attaching the B card is very important.
  • When informing about discrepancies in names, the submission of previous C form information is also very important.
Members / Employees

When leaving service on reaching age of retirement.

  • 1) Males - 55 years
  • 2) Females - 50 years

When leaving service on grounds of marriage in the following context
(For female Employees)

  • 1) If married within 3 months of leaving service
  • 2) Have left service within 5 years of marriage
A certified photocopy of the Marriage Certificate certified by the Registrar who registered the marriage or a marriage certificate issued by the Additional District Registrar should be submitted along with the above forms.

When migrating to another country on a permanent Visa

  • 1) The permanent Visa and a photocopy
  • 2) The Original of the passport and a photocopy along with the above forms should be submitted to the Head Office of the Labour Department

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