Payments should be made monthly using a " Form-C ".

(The “Form-C “is posted to you every month.It can also be obtained from bookshops or downloaded from the EPF website. It can be posted to No.13, Lloyds Building, Colombo 01 or submitted electronically to )

The due date for the current month's contributions is on or before the last working day of the subsequent month. A monthly default list will be prepared by the CBSL indicating the default amount.

Penalties will be added for -
  • Late submission of contributions
  • The list of defaulters prepared by CBSL along with the surcharge progressively increasing from 5% to 50% on the overdue amount will be sent to the Labour Department. The surcharges levied will be informed to the employer by the Labour Department.
  • Under payments
  • When the amount paid is less than the calculated contribution a penalty will be added according to the number of days from the underpayment to the full payment.

The Surcharge for Overdue Payments and Under Payments


Surcharge %

1 day and up to 10 days


10 days and up to 1 month


1 month and up to 3 months


3 months and up to 6 months


6 months and up to 12 months


Over 12 months


Legal Action on Default Employers

In the event of Underpayment or Non payment of contributions, the employee reserves the right to make a written complaint to the Commissioner of the Labour. On receipt of the complaint and after proper investigation the Employer will be informed and warned to pay the dues.

If the Employer doesn’t fully co-operate and pay the contributions after three warnings, the Labour Department will be forced to take Legal Action against the Employer to safeguard the rights of the Employee.

Members / Employees

When leaving service on reaching age of retirement.

  • 1) Males - 55 years
  • 2) Females - 50 years

When leaving service on grounds of marriage in the following context
(For female Employees)

  • 1) If married within 3 months of leaving service
  • 2) Have left service within 5 years of marriage
A certified photocopy of the Marriage Certificate certified by the Registrar who registered the marriage or a marriage certificate issued by the Additional District Registrar should be submitted along with the above forms.

When migrating to another country on a permanent Visa

  • 1) The permanent Visa and a photocopy
  • 2) The Original of the passport and a photocopy along with the above forms should be submitted to the Head Office of the Labour Department

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